A Modern Approach to Enhancing Patient Coverage and Elevating Your Group – Webinar Recording

Watch The DSO Study Club webinar recording presented by Group Dentistry Now to learn how DECA Dental is acquiring more loyal dental patients who are accepting more treatment with Kleer.

If you would like to learn more, you can email Brandon at Brandonde@decadental.com or Valeri at valeri@kleer.com

Course Description:

Are you looking to take your group practice to the next level? In this webinar, join Bill Neuman, Valeri Cavalcante, and Brandon Dowdy-Ernst as they discuss solutions to the common challenges facing group practices and patients today. They’ll also provide a comprehensive overview of the Kleer platform and how it can be easily integrated into your practices at scale to improve efficiency and patient care.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Solutions to increase case acceptance and production among patients.
  • Understand the current uninsured patient landscape and recent technology innovations to expand access to care.
  • Discover a coverage solution that can grow your group and reduce the number of uninsured patients at your practice.
  • Meaningful ways to promote team accountability and celebrate success.

Brandon Dowdy-Ernst, Vice President, Guest & Team Member Experience, DECA Dental
Brandon came to DECA in January 2022 through DECA’s acquisition of Smile Workshop where he was the Chief Experience Officer (CXO). Combined, Brandon has been in a customer experience (CX) and marketing role since 2009. His career spans 20+ years in some form of marketing, advertising, and communications and his experience has culminated into one of the most critical cross-sections of business today – CX. What is little known about CX is that it has a great focus on employees since happy people make for happy customers. This is where Brandon’s expertise shines and offers a dedicated role to build sustainable and winning cultures. That said, Brandon’s favorite part about working for DECA is the passionate team members. Without them, great experiences wouldn’t be possible. Brandon has many exciting plans for 2023 to help shape the landscape in which DECA will take care of its culture, its guests, and ultimately the team members.

Valeri Cavalcante, Senior Group Account Manager, Kleer
As a Senior Group Account Manager at Kleer, Valeri partners with large groups and DSOs across the country to build, implement, and grow their membership plans at scale. She brings her experience from working with independent and group practices of all structures and sizes to guide dental organizations through key areas like plan adoption, growth and retention strategies, and performance measurement.