Next Generation Teeth Whitening Increases Practice Revenue

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The Innovations Behind 16 Minute in Office Whitening Without Sensitivity

Everyone learns in high school chemistry that heat accelerates reactions. Well, this is true for teeth whitening as well. When heat is applied to a peroxide gel on the teeth, it increases the efficacy and speed with which that gel does its work, creating brighter, whiter teeth in less time.

With outdated in-office whitening procedures, intense light and heat reside far outside the mouth, requiring exceedingly high, uncontrolled temperatures that cause painful zingers, dehydration and rebound. Meanwhile, oxygen ions escape the tooth surface since nothing is holding them in place, leading to long exposure and treatment times.

However, when the heat source is embedded inside a closed system mouthpiece and is controlled to ensure that it reaches but never exceeds the optimal temperature for accelerated whitening without sensitivity, patients can get unparalleled, long-lasting results without pain or sensitivity. At the same time, the amount of required chair time can be significantly reduced to 30-minutes total – including prep! Plus, the need for custom trays and lab fees is eliminated.

Here’s how it works:


GLO Science has pioneered and patented this novel approach to teeth whitening without compromise, while getting even better results! With the newest version of its patented mouthpiece technology, the company has been able to cut the total amount of in-office treatment time to just 16 minutes!


While GLO Science’s first generation of controlled warming heat technology cut whitening chair time in half with a 32-minute total treatment time, GLO Science’s new PRO POWER+ technology cut that time in half AGAIN with only 16 minutes of total treatment time! This means just 30 minutes of chairtime needs to be booked for each whitening patient!

The magic is in the mouthpiece, which has been upgraded to reach the optimal whitening temperature 8X faster and remain at this temperature through the entire 16-minute treatment so patients can get up to 12 shades whiter in significantly less time, without any of the discomfort of other whitening procedures.’


At a fraction of the cost of large, unwieldy, outdated whitening equipment, GLO Science’s PRO POWER+ In Office Technology features a portable, compact design that instantly transforms any space into a whitening room – with no impressions, custom trays or lab fees! All this with the added bonus of only 30 minutes of chair time for increased efficiency!


From creating safe, high-quality treatments to making sure the process is pain free and comfortable, GLO Science makes it easy for clinicians to help patients look and feel their best. Plus, patients who whiten take better care of their teeth, seek out more dental care, and provide more referrals.

That’s why GLO Science teeth whitening devices are thoughtfully designed for comfort – with flexible, ergonomic mouthpieces that feel pleasant in the mouth during treatment. Additionally, GLO grants patients full range of movement during treatment, providing a more enjoyable, comfortable whitening experience. After their whitening session is complete, patients enjoy a long lasting, bright smile without the sensitivity so often caused by other whitening treatments.


In addition to improving clinical efficiency and enhancing patient comfort, GLO Science innovations provide impressive whitening results. While other in office whitening procedures can take hours and multiple visits to yield noticeable results, GLO Science cuts treatment time down dramatically.

A complete GLO Science session takes just 16 minutes of treatment time and can brighten enamel by up to 12 shades in one visit, making it the most effective treatment available anywhere. Results from GLO Science whitening are also longer lasting than with other treatments, without dehydration or rebound, leading to happier patients and more patient referrals.


When designing the GLO Science whitening system, the GLO team of clinical experts sought to create a program that optimizes team satisfaction & efficiency, while also being a low-risk investment with high return to grow your overall practice revenue. Chair time is valuable and with GLO’s 16-minute teeth whitening technology, more patients can be treated in less time.

GLO Science also offers at home kits, with and without device technology, that not only require zero chair time, but that also come ready-to-go without the need for custom trays or lab fees. These at home options provide an easy way to increase practice revenue without additional team member time.


“The new GLO technology is easy to use and provides the same great whitening effect in just 16 minutes. This is great for any practice looking to increase efficiency by reducing chair time with great results! Patients love it and so do we!” – Dr. Lindsey Cerdas, DMD (Perkasie, PA)

“My patients and I are absolutely LOVING the new GLO Pro in office system! We are in awe of the results after a quick, very simple, and ALWAYS sensitivity free 16-minute whitening session. I have used a variety of leading in-office whitening systems in the past, but GLO is by far the most pain free system that also delivers amazing, quick results.” – Morgan Trotter, CDA (Mount Pleasant, SC)


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