A New Age of Dentistry Ushers in Quick & Economical Solutions

Navigating Clinical Procedures During Challenging Times

The pandemic caught the dental industry completely off guard, significantly paralyzing our industry which was once touted as recession-proof. DSOs and dental groups had to quickly develop strategies to adjust to the global health crisis.

Lessons were learned through the traumatic year and we face 2021 smarter, wiser, more resilient and better prepared to meet the challenges that have been thrust upon our providers and our patients.

One critical way we can meet those challenges head-on is by selecting the right dental products which provide cost-effective, long-term solutions for patients and decrease chair time for our providers.

The pandemic has had a major impact on our patients’ oral health. Increased levels of stress and depression, cost concerns, and fear of exposure to the virus have led to increased dental issues and delayed treatment.

Postponing dental treatment impacts your patients’ overall health. Alternative solutions to keep your patients’ health on track are required. One product that is tailor-made to solve pandemic and post-pandemic real-world dental problems is DMG’s LuxaCrown, a revolutionary, chairside esthetic solution for:

  • All restorative crown needs (deciduous, geriatric, implant, etc.)
  • Adult teeth restorations post root canal treatment
  • Mid to long-term implant restorations
  • Protection of remaining dentition against acid erosion (e.g. bulimia) and abrasion (bruxism)
  • Patients in need of an affordable restorative option
  • Cosmetic cases
  • Long-term monitoring of treatment
  • Emergency cases

Clinicians can use LuxaCrown for both crown and bridges to give the remaining tooth long-term protection (for up to 5 years!), restore anatomical form and masticatory function, and for correcting esthetic deficiencies.

LuxaCrown is the crown and bridge material that meets both clinical and patient expectations (both pediatric and adult) at a viable, lower cost alternative to traditional crown and bridge restorations. A strong, durable and esthetic semi-permanent crown and bridge material, this quick, economical and long-lasting solution bridges the gap between simple temporary provisionals and permanent dental restorations.One Office Visit. One Material. Endless Solutions.

The semi-permanent crown and bridge material preserves, protects and creates beautiful smiles immediately, giving patients the freedom to pursue permanent treatment over time. It can be done in one visit which limits patient interaction.  LuxaCrown’s durability allows for the long-term monitoring of treatment success during healing stages and for difficult restorations.

LuxaCrown wears closest to natural enamel

LuxaCrown is a self-curing composite for the fabrication of semi-permanent crowns and bridges that are cemented with a permanent or temporary luting cement. The material is mixed automatically.

A Beautiful Smile on Your Patients’ Time, Budget, and Terms

Patients want you to solve their dental problems. Crown choice isn’t their main concern — money and time are.

With a working time of 2 minutes, 20 seconds and a setting time of 5 minutes, your dentists have the ability to transform patients smiles and improve their dental health in one visit while saving time and money. The results can last for up to 5 years!

Cost is a big factor in the dental health decisions and a barrier to care. Many patients have been hit hard economically during the pandemic and those economic ripples may be felt for the foreseeable future.

LuxaCrown not only saves time, but also money as it is a low-cost solution for both patients and DSOs. There are no lab fees associated with the crown which is fabricated chair-side.

Making Dental Professional Life Easier – With Passion and Expertise

Outstanding products, excellent clinical outcomes, productivity, and profitability are not all that DSOs require. Consistently providing exceptional customer service is of the utmost importance.

For 55 years, DMG has manufactured and distributed market-leading restorative materials and preventive products that are recognized in over 80 countries for their quality and innovation. Known for breakthrough material technology, DMG is committed to helping the dental profession meet its materials needs through innovation, collaboration, and dedication.

DMG America’s strategy within the DSO space is to ensure an outstanding working relationship with decision makers within the DSOs and emerging dental groups in order to fully understand their needs, and measure how those needs are being met by DMG. They work closely with distributor partners to initiate and cultivate long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with DSOs and groups at both the headquarters and local levels.

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