The Revolutionary Semi-Permanent Crown & Bridge Material Offers your DSO Cost and Time Savings, Increased Production & Clinical Excellence

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Virtually every practice in a dental group or DSO has patients who require a crown or bridge, but for clinical or financial reasons, are not ready for a permanent restoration. Some patients’ ongoing endodontic or implant treatment may cause the placement of a permanent crown or bridge to be delayed for several months, while financial difficulties may force other patients to delay the placement for several years.

In almost all cases, a provisional restoration has been the dentist’s only option. Unfortunately, the time between placing the provisional and placing the permanent restoration can, on occasion, take much longer than the life span of a typical provisional.

LuxaCrown is the missing element in restorative dental care; a perfect companion to traditional temporary crown and bridge materials such as Luxatemp Ultra. Before LuxaCrown, it would not have been possible to place a semi-permanent restoration that could be relied upon to hold up until the patient could return for a final restoration. Now, restorations using LuxaCrown will last up to five years, finally creating a solution for any patient situation.

Dentists today place high demands on temporary materials. Many of the materials cannot withstand stresses for very long, or the connection with the temporary cement quickly comes loose. It leads to awkward reconstructions and pain and frustration on the part of the patient plus lost time and money for your DSO. LuxaCrown prevents all of these problems from happening.

LuxaCrown is a self-curing composite for the fabrication of semi-permanent crowns and bridges that are cemented with a permanent or temporary luting cement. This unique product allows for the simple, quick and cost-effective manufacture of long-lasting crowns and bridges– directly chairside.  The result is an incredible precise-fit, a highly esthetic and long-lasting restoration with excellent marginal fit and stability lasting up to five years. (See step-by-step video below.)

Offering high-strength, quality and reliability, LuxaCrown is characterized by natural fluorescence and high shade stability. A choice of five shades are available.

The DMG LuxaCrown material can be finished easily and quickly at chairside with fine diamond burs, polishers and polishing paste producing a smooth temporary restoration surface that is pleasant for patients.

Bridging the gap between simple temporary provisionals and permanent dental prostheses with its remarkable combination of strength, durability and esthetics, LuxaCrown will save your DSO time and money, increase production and provide patients with aesthetically pleasing results that improves patient experience.

LuxaCrown chairside-produced restorations are significantly less expensive than lab-produced provisional restorations.

LuxaCrown semi-permanent restorations increase production and patient retention from new and current patients who need a long-lasting restoration but:
• Are undergoing endodontic or implant treatment that makes a permanent restoration impossible for several months; or
• Need up to 5 years to save money for a permanent restoration

LuxaCrown crowns and bridges are produced in a single chairside session, saving time in many ways:
• Reduced chair time since the procedure can be done in one office visit
• No shipping time to and from the lab
• Easy handling for less working time
• Optimal curing time
• Faster, direct-from-the-cartridge processing
• No learning curve as LuxaCrown can be used with a conventional matrix-based technique

LuxaCrown semi-permanent restorations produce exceptional clinical and esthetic outcomes:
• Life-like appearance and natural fluorescence
• Excellent polishability
• Outstanding color stability
• Reduces plaque deposits
• Exceptional fracture toughness (> 2 MPa*m0,5)
• Wears virtually identically to enamel

• Quick and easy technique
• Optimum mechanical properties
• Excellent fracture toughness and flexural strength
• Excellent polishability
• Simple processing
• Impressively semi-permanent up to 5 years
• Long-lasting with excellent results
• Time and cost saving for patient and clinicians
• Versatility of applications and uses
• Reliable durability

• Challenging/difficult restorative cases
• Implant/ endodontic on-going treatment cases
• Cosmetic restorative cases
• Pediatric cases
• Healthy aging adult patients
• Palliative patients
• Phased complex treatment plans
•  Raised vertical dimension cases
• Protection against acid erosion (e.g. bulimia)and abrasion (bruxism)
• Dental restoration after root canal treatment
•  Affordable restorative option

DMG America’s strategy within the DSO space is to ensure an outstanding working relationship with decision makers within the DSOs and emerging dental groups in order to fully understand their needs and measure how those needs are being met by DMG. They work closely with distributor partners to initiate and cultivate long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with DSOs and groups at both the headquarters and local levels.

DMG America effectively handles onboarding through:

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LuxaCrown step-by-step:

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