An All-In-One EPA Amalgam Solution just for DSOs: Save, Simplify, Automate!

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The deadline for compliance with the new EPA amalgam ruling is now imminent. While COVID-19 has delayed EPA enforcement, the deadline of July 14 remains intact according to the American Dental Association. Unfortunately, many DSOs have yet to comply with the ruling and must now urgently act before running afoul of the regulations.

PureWay Compliance, in partnership with all major dental distributors, is offering a solution specifically designed for DSOs. PureWay’s solution dramatically reduces costs but also automates many of the compliance tasks required by the EPA, thus reducing overhead costs and liability exposure for the DSO. Moreover, for larger implementations, PureWay is offering up to $200,000 in free goods and discounts and up to 100 hours of free software customization services.

PureWay’s ECOII+ total compliance solution includes a versatile, easy to install amalgam separator and a sophisticated software management (DocHubTM) platform to simplify and automate compliance tasks.

This “all-in-one” program allows group practices of all sizes to not only track shipments of used separators and recycled amalgam waste and automatically store all orders, but also auto-reorder and print e-certificates upon recycling completion.

PureWay’s compliance status dashboards also allow your DSO or group to set up e-mail notifications of all kinds (be it for shipment, tracking number, returns, or recycle certificate), while also offering multi-site monitoring and reporting. Solutions such as these remove the risk of oversight and allow dentists to focus on dentistry, not convoluted compliance concerns.

By its own nature, amalgam is a complicated subject. But while compliance complexities can be daunting, options to streamline and simplify the process exist. With the help of automated compliance tasks, multi-site reporting, non-compliance notifications and more, compliance software solutions empower group practice dentists to attain total compliance and total peace of mind all at once, as dentistry enters an increasingly amalgam-free era.

To learn more about PureWay’s compliance management software or to schedule a demo, contact Rose Ross at For larger implementations, and for a limited time only, PureWay is offering up to $200,000 in free goods and discounts and up to 100 hours of free software customization services.

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