Aspen Dental Management is Making Big Moves in the DSO Space

Ash ElDifrawi, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Bob Fontana, Founder and CEO, and Sarah Sharfstein, Vice President of Category Development and Strategy, at Aspen Dental Management Inc. (ADMI) in the Motto™ Experience Room where patients are scanned for their precision-fitted Motto™ clear aligner and get their starter tray and whitening kit the same-day. (Photo: Aspen Dental)

Aspen Dental Management, Inc. (ADMI) is one of the largest retail healthcare business support organizations in the U.S., supporting 15,000 healthcare professionals and team members at more than 1,000 health and wellness offices across 46 states in three distinct categories: Dental care, urgent care, and medical aesthetics.

What started in 1998 as a business with a small footprint in the northeast, has grown into the largest branded network of dental offices in the world – collectively serving more than 30,000 patients every day.

Aspen Hits a Huge Milestone

Aspen recently celebrated the opening of its 900th office! The office, located in Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania, is owned by Dr. Shekhar Gupta, one of Aspen’s longtime practice owners, and his practice partner, Dr. Neelam Attri. Dr. Gupta now owns an incredible 28 offices and leads a team of 300 people.

“Reaching 900 locations doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a credit to the 12,000+ doctors, hygienists, dental assistants, lab technicians, office managers, PSRs and more, plus the field and practice support center teams at Aspen Dental Management, Inc. (ADMI) who work tirelessly to break down barriers so that patients get the care they need, today and every day.

Together, we break down barriers and create access to care for patients who have been not well understood, undervalued, and as a result, under-served by traditional practice – and today, the practices collectively care for 30,000 patients a day. It’s about more than a smile – what the doctors and teams do every single day is truly remarkable, and it’s often life-changing.”  – Bob Fontana, Founder & CEO, ADMI

Aspen Introduces Clear Aligners 

In a clearly distinctive move to make perfect smiles easy and accessible, Aspen Dental Management Inc. (ADMI) just launched Motto, a new, clear aligner experience that does not force patients to choose between quality, affordability, convenience and expertise.

Motto, the industry’s new clear aligner experience, is exclusively available at 900 independently owned Aspen Dental locations in 43 states.

At a time when seven out of 10 patients would benefit from orthodontic treatment, and with more than 30,000 patients visiting the Aspen Dental network daily, Motto is an industry disruptor that will fill a large gap that exists where patients must choose between expensive products or DIY at-home treatments that lack dental guidance. Motto is so much more than a product; it is a doctor-led experience unlike any other in the industry.

Aspen Dental doctors guide patients at every step, starting with a precision digital scan used to custom-craft each and every aligner. Onsite labs and advanced, in-office technology allow patients to leave with their “tray one on day one,” rather than waiting weeks for their aligners or impression kit.

Aspen Dental is the only healthcare provider that has the network to provide this level of care nationally. It delivers on their doctors’ bold call to anyone seeking improved oral health and confidence: Stop waiting and start smiling.

“Our approach at Aspen Dental has always been about providing access to care and saying ‘yes’ when others in the dental space say ‘no’. Making aligners affordable and convenient for patients while having a doctor with you every step of the way truly differentiates the experience for patients.” – Bob Fontana, Founder & CEO, ADMI

Bob Fontana and some Aspen Dental team members

ADMI is a national healthcare leader known for accessible, patient-guided care. With a vision to enhance and expand healthcare services to anybody, anywhere, Aspen Dental is fueled by the expertise and capabilities of a vast network of doctors nationwide. Motto further expands ADMI’s comprehensive portfolio of consumer-focused, professionally-backed dental solutions that serve the $49 billion personal oral care and $400 billion global dental healthcare markets.

“Our sheer scale allows us to provide the highest quality aligners at an unbeatable price,” says Sarah Sharfstein, Vice President of Category Development & Strategy at ADMI. “We are removing friction from the system, making delivery of clear aligners easy for the doctors we support. And for patients, the entire experience is virtually hassle-free, with walk-in appointments and extended hours available, plus technology that truly delivers same-day start capability and reduces the number of visits to the offices.”

“As masks go off and smiles go on, Motto is here,” says Ash ElDifrawi, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at ADMI. “We are seeing an increased demand from patients who want to improve their smiles. This is definitely a wake-up call that perfect smiles are not just for a chosen few — they are for anyone, anywhere, who is looking for a new beginning.”

Motto is now available at Aspen Dental offices across the U.S. Plans starting at $1,999, dentist included, with zero-down and 100% approval options.

Group Dentistry Now recently recorded a podcast with CEO and Founder of Aspen Dental Management Bob Fontana. See article HERE or watch video podcast below.

Sources: Aspen Dental, Business Wire, Motto Aligners

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