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GC Orthovantage™ is an orthodontic program specifically designed for Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) to supply a full array of products and services that will minimize complications associated with inventory management, lab-fabricated appliances, supplying a suite of patient preventative care offerings, and training modules to address continuing educational needs.

The program is designed with two main goals:

1. Provide state of the art appliance designs and technology to maximize clinical efficiencies.

2. Reduce hidden costs by eliminating multiple vendors.

The GC Orthovantage™ program is managed by Patrick O’Shea, GC Orthodontics’ Corporate Development Manager, who has served the orthodontic community for over 20 years.

“I am very excited about the GC Orthovantage™ program,” O’Shea said. “It combines outstanding product offerings manufactured by TOMY but also highlights our ability to partner with other facets of the orthodontic industry, such as LeoLab, a premier network of orthodontic labs, in order to provide a complete offering of products and services at an affordable price.”

A Full Suite of Turn-Key Offerings

Quality Products

As an exclusive distributor of TOMY products, you will have access to a multiple array of bracket systems and designs that no other company can offer. All major bracket prescriptions are available in Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Rhodium, and a new line of 3D printed brackets. Also, all of our systems are offered in both Twin and Self Ligating.

GC Orthodontics also offers cutting edge wire technology that takes full advantage of our predictable slot tolerances, this combination provides consistent and reliable torque control. GC Orthodontics’ Force Control System of wires allow for precise, predictable, and biologically correct forces delivered over longer periods of time; thus, reducing the number of wire changes and office visits.

“Having sold TOMY appliances for most of my career, I am very familiar with the quality and performance of our products,” O’Shea noted. “You can always find a less expensive bracket, for example, but the true costs are measured in bond failures, broken appliances, and emergency visits. This is where the true value of a product lies.”

Lab Service Partners

GC Orthodontics is also partnering with LeoLab as part of our dedication to providing a complete lineup of appliances and services while minimizing complications. LeoLab is a national chain of independent orthodontic labs designed to provide your organization with high-quality orthodontic appliances at a discounted price. LeoLab also offers customized billing options to address any issues related to multiple invoices due to multiple location delivery. Customers will receive one easy-to-read invoice detailing all services performed.

This full-service network of labs is leading the industry in appliance design and construction. As leaders in digital orthodontics, LeoLab offers state-of-the-art technology and responsive personal service. Their reliable cloud-based system makes the entire process easy and accurate from the initial scan to case delivery. Their digital tracking system allows you to follow the case every step of the way.

LeoLab supports STL files from all major scanners including Itero, Carestream, Sirona, 3Shape, and more.


GC Orthodontics is a division of GC America and an authorized dealer of GC America products. As a multifaceted dental organization, our GC Orthovantage™ program can now help you bundle GC America products with GC Orthodontic products for greater cost savings. Trusted brands such as MI Paste®, GC Fuji® Cements & G-ænial™ Universal Injectable will be available to all customers through the GC Orthovantage™ program.

GC Ortho Institute

GC Orthodontics realizes that staffing and training are ongoing concerns for DSOs. When working with multiple locations and a network of orthodontists with different techniques, stocking and inventory can become an all-consuming issue.

“It is our goal at the GC Ortho Institute to offer training to any organization for both staff and doctors to unify their systems, thus becoming more efficient and more cost effective. We will provide courses that will help in establishing consistency in product inventory, clinical use, and overall best practices in all aspects of office efficiencies,” said O’Shea.

By putting the pieces together in the GC Orthovantage™ Program, GC Orthodontics hopes to become a true partner in providing a comprehensive portfolio of products and services.

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