ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers Chooses Planmeca USA for CBCT Imaging

ClearChoice™ Dental Implant Centers has announced the selection of the Planmeca Viso™ G7 from Planmeca USA for CBCT imaging for all nationwide locations. This development includes all existing centers and is part of a market expansion to provide quality dental implants as a long-term dental care option. The distribution and implementation of the full Planmeca suite to each ClearChoice Dental Implant Center will be managed by Henry Schein Dental, the dental division of Henry Schein, Inc. Planmeca, working with the Henry Schein Dental Strategic Accounts team, will integrate advanced digital imaging technology and continuing education for ClearChoice.

ClearChoice’s approach to total care – providing a single location and care provider for implant treatment – is aligned with the efficient workflow and innovative features of the Planmeca Viso G7. ClearChoice envisions the CBCT as the ‘hub’ of a digital treatment plan for a patient, with the ability to combine CBCT, intra-oral and facial scans into a complete digital record that can then be utilized throughout the patient’s treatment process from initial exam to final restoration. Dr. Theresa Wang, the lead pilot Prosthodontist, noted that the Viso G7 features a large field of view with low radiation to the patient, artificial intelligence that reduces noise and scatter, as well as movement correction to provide more diagnostic images and enrich treatment plan presentations. With an ideal meeting of premium image quality, a patient-centric approach to imaging, and user-friendly features, the Planmeca Viso G7 fulfills ClearChoice’s robust demands to perform high-quality implant dentistry.

Comprehensive medicine
The ClearChoice approach unites the entire dental team – including prosthodontists and oral surgeons- for successful treatment in one center. Precise maxillofacial imaging provides a higher degree of medicine for good treatment. Planmeca Viso offers a comprehensive volume selection to cover all clinical needs — from a single tooth to complete skull imaging. Planmeca Viso fits the requirement by presenting a ø30 x 19 cm scan covering the entire maxillofacial area in a single scan. With the flexibility to adjust to freely adjust the volume size up to ø30 x 30 cm.

Patient focus
The patient is the focus of the ClearChoice treatment model. The Planmeca Viso proved the optimal choice in CBCT for its open positioning and unobstructed view of the patient. Without restrictions to a single position, patients will have a greater level of comfort while still having access to accommodate seated requirements or wheelchairs. In addition, treatment coordinators can freely adjust the size and location of the field-of-view from the CBCT unit’s control panel utilizing the four integrated cameras with the option to verify through a scout image.

Superior technology launches a safer imaging protocol
ClearChoice understands the impact of precise technology on quality treatment planning for long-term results and satisfaction. Planmeca CBCT products include unique imaging protocols that maintain high image quality and simplify the workflow by eliminating retakes. Among the included technology, Planmeca CALM™ cancels the effect of patient movement – particularly important for patients who have difficulty remaining still for the length of the scan. Matched with the metal artifact reduction with Planmeca ARA™ and noise removal with Planmeca AINO™, image quality is without artifacts and superior at small voxel sizes.

Additionally, more information is captured at lower doses of radiation in all imaging modes through the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ protocol. Using the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose, (ULD) protocol reduces the effective patient dose by an average of 77% without a statistical reduction in image quality*. Based on intelligent 3D algorithms developed by Planmeca, Planmeca ULD will allow ClearChoice clinicians to choose the optimal balance between image quality and dose based on the ALARA principle.

“The combination of superior image quality, smooth workflow, and ease of use made the Planmeca Viso G7 the perfect choice for ClearChoice. “Many of the innovative features of the Viso G7 fit ClearChoice’s patient-centric approach, including Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocols and Planmeca CALM™, a proprietary patient movement correction algorithm. Innovative technology coupled with our dedication to continuous and ongoing education of both clinicians and staff, Planmeca is ready to partner with ClearChoice to provide a high-quality and seamless experience for a complex dental procedure.” – Glen Kendrick, President of Planmeca USA

With tools for all specialties, the Planmeca integration includes the all-in-one Planmeca Romexis® software. Romexis allows for 3D visualization, customized treatment planning and centralizes 3D imaging along with the 2D intraoral images captured by the Planmeca ProSensor® HD and Planmeca ProX™ intraoral X-rays further streamlining ClearChoice’s workflow.

Dr. Thomas Berry, Vice President of Surgical Support for CCMS, also favors the Planmeca system, saying, “The Planmeca Viso G7 offers strikingly clear scans, modules for creating surgical guides, and significantly less radiation to the patient. The unit also has the ability to perform a 3-D facial photo of the patient that overlays the CBCT image.”

About Planmeca USA:
Planmeca USA is a subsidiary of Planmeca, the largest privately held company in the dental equipment market and one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of dental X-rays, CAD/CAM and core equipment. With a North American office located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, and international headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, Planmeca is well established in high-tech dental markets and currently serves 120 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

About ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers
Since 2005, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers have helped restore hope and confidence in more than 125,000 patients across the United States through advanced oral treatments that can lead to better overall health and quality of life. Equipped with innovative technology, including 3D CBCT Scan technology and a full-service, on-site lab, each ClearChoice Dental Implant Center is owned and operated by a licensed and experienced dental expert, providing comprehensive dental implant treatment services in advanced, all-in-one treatment facilities.

The ClearChoice Network provides the opportunity for national collaboration among doctors on procedures, protocols, and clinical experience. Each ClearChoice Dental Implant Center has a business affiliation with ClearChoice Management Services, LLC (CCMS) which, subject to and in compliance with applicable state and federal regulations, provides comprehensive non-clinical support services to each center. As a member of The Aspen Group (TAG), ClearChoice is part of a network of brands, including Aspen Dental ®, WellNow ®, and ChapterSM whose goal is simple: bring better healthcare to more people.

TAG was built on the simple idea of bringing better health care to more people. TAG and the independent health care practices it supports operate more than 1,100 locations in 45 states through its four health care support companies: Aspen Dental®, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers®, WellNow Urgent Care® and Chapter Aesthetic StudioSM. Combined, the companies serve more than 30,000 patients a day and more than 8 million patients each year. TAG is headquartered at 800 W. Fulton Market in Chicago. For more information, visit, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

*“Dosimetry of Orthodontic Diagnostic FOVs Using Low Dose CBCT Protocol” by JB Ludlow and J Koivisto.

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