Enhance Revenue Collection by 35% more and Patient Satisfaction with an Automated Billing Experience

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Implementing Automation in your patient AR invoicing and
payments leads to improved patient experience and collection rates.

Money owed from past due balances is revenue that you’ve earned but haven’t had any luck collecting. And managing complex, layered patient AR balances can be daunting without a scalable solution, particularly for DSOs.

Dental City, a leading national dental distributor, offers a strategic partnership with Abella AR, an automated solution that facilitates the swift collection of new and aging patient A/R. By automating the entire patient billing and invoicing process, Abella delivers the following benefits:

  • Achieve a 35% increase in collections of patient AR within 30 days of implementation.
  • Improve collections rates by providing patients with a superior mobile billing and payment experience.
  • Streamline your entire patient AR process by automating invoicing, billing, collecting, payment reminders, and payment posting.

Abella offers a complete solution for streamlining your invoicing and collections processes.

It’s essential to evaluate when you last upgraded these processes in your practice. More traditional collection methods are becoming less effective in today’s more digital world. Patients may find phone calls intrusive or feel resentful toward your practice for contacting them about outstanding bills. And the chances of patients missing or simply ignoring paper statements are high and paper billing is not their preferred billing method.

In fact, a survey revealed 88% of patients expressed a desire for a simpler and faster way to pay their bills.

While most practices would agree that providing the best technology and a friendly experience in-office is vital to success, it is equally crucial to extend that same experience to patient billing.

Abella in Action

One of the largest DSOs, Peak Dental Services, implemented Abella® at 52 locations, to enhance their patient billing process and payment experience. They sought a solution that not only expedited the collection of patient balances but also met patients’ preferences.  Peak Dental CEO, AJ Peak, recently shared his great satisfaction with the system:

“I was pretty skeptical about the patient experience. We ended up jumping in and it’s been wildly successful. 40% of the balances were paid within 7 days, meaning it’s extremely quick. We can’t even get statements out that fast. It was quite impressive.” – AJ Peak, CEO, Peak Dental

Upgrading your patient experience

Peak Dental improved their billing experience with automated invoicing via text and email, providing instant payment options. This streamlined their operations, reduced time spent by team members on collections, and fulfilled patient’s expectations. By offering simple and convenient payment options from any device, the positive experience with the practiced extended beyond the in-office visit.

Automating the patient AR workflow

Abella seamlessly integrates with all major practice management software to automatically identify patients with closed insurance claims but open balances.

Your practice can exclude or skip certain patients from invoicing and preview the AR batch before submission. When invoicing begins, patients receive a secure click-to-pay link via SMS and email, offering convenient payment options, including pay-in-full or automated short-term plans. The messages are friendly, consistent, and feature your office’s branding along with direct contact information for balance related questions.

Abella collects money fast, even after hours and on the weekends, and sends payments directly via direct deposit every weekday.

Aging AR Case Study

For Corson Dental Group, another satisfied Abella user with two locations, the results were quick and stunning. They needed a solution to help collect $250k from past-due accounts ranging from 90 days to 3 years old and previously deemed uncollectible. Abella seamlessly integrated with their practice management software, Dentrix, to identify outstanding balances and initiated invoicing immediately. In the first 60 days, Abella helped recover $70k (28%) of their problematic patient AR, of which 80% was older than 90 days.

“We had 300 accounts that were 90+ days aging AR so the decision to go forward with Abella was a no brainer. The same collection results would have taken a team member months, mostly driven by unanswered/unwanted calls to the patient. The return on investment for our group was very high and our patients now have an easy way to pay.” Callie Ward, Corson Dental Group

 With testimonials like those why not consider a solution as good as AbellaAR.

To accelerate your patient AR collection and
improve your patient’s payment experience, visit
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