How Does Your DSO or Dental Group Give Back To Your Communities?

Your DSO Can Spread Smiles in Your Practices’
Communities with Dental Lifeline Network

I am proudly celebrating my 5th anniversary as a board member of Dental Lifeline Network, and I am hoping that more of our audience can become a part of this great organization.

Affordable oral health care is difficult to obtain in many communities nationwide. This can be especially hard on the elderly population, veterans, people with disabilities and those who need life-saving care. But your dental group can be a part of the solution by getting involved with Dental Lifeline Network (DLN).

DLN is a national nonprofit that has changed the lives of more than 165,000 people nationwide in the last 35 years by providing more than $500 million in donated dental treatment through its Donate Dental Services (DDS) program. Thanks to the 15,000 DDS volunteer dentists and 3,400 volunteer labs nationally that made this possible.

What does your dental group do to give back to your communities?

With programs in every state, it makes it easy for group practice staff to get involved and show your communities you care. DSOs—like yours—are greatly needed, as almost 8,000 people are currently on the waitlist.

DLN also has a program that directly impacts the veteran population. Congressional limitations result in a small fraction of veterans receiving dental treatment, leaving many without care. That’s where The Lifeline Heroes Challenge program comes in. Endorsed by Group Dentistry Now, this annual fundraising effort raises money to help veterans get much needed dental treatment.

Your organization can donate to help us in reaching our $500,000 goal by May 30th, which will provide comprehensive dental treatment for 1,200 veterans–like Lee this fiscal year. An Army and Air Force veteran surviving on a Social Security benefit and small pension and just one of the many veterans to receive much-needed dental care.

Lee, 65, was unable to receive treatment from Veterans Affairs due to his dental health condition not being service-related. DDS volunteers extracted 11 teeth, provided a full upper denture and a partial lower denture. Able to eat pain-free again he called himself a “…happy, apple-eating veteran.”

How Can Your DSO Get Involved?

  • Pledge to help more veterans receive dental care!
  • Volunteer to treat a DDS patient, click HERE.
  • Please contact me or Lynda Ricketson at DLN to learn more about partnership opportunities.

Just like your DSO “supports” your practices, Dental Lifeline Network “supports” your community outreach.

Thank you all for your generosity,

Bill Neumann
CEO, Group Dentistry Now

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