How DSOs Can Improve Safety, Efficiency and Overall Satisfaction for Hygienists

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To efficiently remove debris from instruments during hygiene appointments, most hygienists use gauze or something similar, including Allison Koska, RDH. “I keep a small stack of gauze on my tray to wipe my instrument, as I don’t like to put it on the patient’s chest or hold it in my hand,” she explained. As Koska points out, using gauze—and deciding where to keep it during a procedure—isn’t always convenient or efficient, and it can be wasteful or unsafe due to the sharp points of the dental instruments.

Additionally, on the list of unpleasant things that patients can experience during a dental cleaning is watching a bloodied gauze or loose piece of calculus roll off their chest as they sit up in the dental chair.

As a solution, Hager Worldwide created Fit-n- Swipe Clean and Fit-n-Swipe Dry, adhesive pads that are used for cleaning instruments and drying mirrors, respectively. The adhesive backing on the pads sticks to any surface, and “the pads are extremely handy to stick on my tray barrier paper instead of a stack of gauze,” Koska disclosed. “I typ­ically use four or five 2×2 gauzes per patient, but I only needed one piece when I used the Fit-n Swipe pads.


Ideal for cleaning instruments, Fit-n-Swipe Clean is made of a unique microfiber with a high capacity to absorb and retain moisture and debris. “The pad was very thick and fluffy and removed all debris with one swipe,” Koska shared. “I placed the Fit-n-Swipe Clean around the mirror handle. I felt this was a safe way to thoroughly remove debris from sharp instruments rather than holding gauze to clean off debris,” commented Kristi Evansen, RDH. Hygienist Jenna Hebert called Fit-n-Swipe a great product that’s thick enough to not puncture, and Karen Dong said she doesn’t need to turn an instrument to wipe it clean “because the pad completely hugs the instrument, and it always comes out shiny.

Efficiency and Time Savings

The Fit-n-Swipe pads are convenient for hygienists as they no longer have to use gauze to clean their instruments, and the adhesive property of the pads saves time. “The convenience of these products helps me work efficiently, and they were easy to use,” commented Evansen. “There is a learning curve, as I am used to using gauze for so many years, but it’s worth the effort. Fit-n-Swipe made the visit easier on me,” shared hygienist Jeanette Crofts. Fit-n-Swipe “makes my workflow more efficient,” added Dong.

Especially in periodontist offices, where clinicians often perform hand scaling and use ultrasonics, hygienists can “bene­fit from the efficiency of this product,” explained hygienist Mink Lee. “The Fit-N-Swipe was convenient, and scaling time was more efficient.” Lee explained how Fit-n-Swipe was beneficial for a patient with very sensitive teeth, poor oral hygiene, limited mouth opening, and who didn’t want any ultrasonics used. “Hand scaling is cumber­some, but being able to wipe instruments on my left hand and wipe my mirror on my right hand made the effort more efficient,” she said. For hygienist Margaret Conrad, Fit-n-Swipe freed up her time and removed her worries about dropping instruments while cleaning.

Overall Satisfaction

All of the hygienists who shared their thoughts on the Fit-n-Swipe Clean and Fit-n-Swipe Dry said they would recommend the pads to col­leagues. “It really exceeded my expecta­tions,” said Dong, and Evansen called them “very effective during hygiene appoint­ments.” Michelle Wood, RDH agreed that “both are great.”

In a time when hygienist retention can be a challenge, the Fit-N-Swipe is a tool that DSOs can provide their hygienists to allow them to complete their appointments in a more efficient and hassle-free manner.

Samples For Your DSO

If you are interested in having your DSO clinically evaluate the Fit-N-Swipe, a customized sample program can be created based on the evaluation needs and requirements of your group.

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