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Group Dentistry Now recently sat down with the team at Kulzer to discuss their revolutionary adhesive solution, iBOND Universal.

iBOND Universal is the universal, light-curing adhesive for any bonding technique and all indications. Being compatible with all dental materials, it is the all-rounder for reliable bond strength. No longer do you need 3-4 different adhesives or other supporting materials. One bottle does it all. The unique drip control bottle delivers just the right amount of adhesive, eliminating waste and saving time.

GDN: What are the typical challenges clinicians face when bonding different materials?

Kulzer: There is a great challenge for the clinician when bonding various materials, as many substrates such as Zirconia, Lithium Disilicates, Feldspathic porcelains, metals etc, all require unique methods in order to achieve successful, long term bonds. In particular, repairs of existing restorations may sometimes be very difficult.

GDN: What are the benefits of iBOND Universal?

Kulzer: iBOND Universal is chemically engineered to overcome many of the obstacles in bonding various dental substrates. The MDP and 4-META chemistry assists in achieving good bond strengths to various dental substrates.

GDN: DSOs value scalability, practice efficiency and increasing their bottom line. Can you explain how using iBOND Universal helps DSOs meet these objectives?

Kulzer: iBOND  Universal offers versatility. So, whether a clinician prefers a self-etch, selective etch or total etch technique, iBOND Universal is compatible with all of these techniques. There is no need for the offices to stock a multitude of bonding agents to accommodate a specific technique.

iBOND Universal gives the dentist the ability to decide whether to work with the etch & rinse, self-etch or selective enamel etching technique.

GDN: What sets iBOND Universal apart from other universal bonding products?

Kulzer: The chemistry is very effective. A combination of 4-META, MDP and an acetone solvent provide deep penetration of the resin into the dentinal tubules while bonding tenaciously to the collagen fibrils in the tubules and strong adhesion to dental materials. iBOND Universal shows its “universal” character by bonding to all dental materials made of composite, compomer, ceramics and metal.

GDN: Does iBOND Universal save clinicians chair time? If so, how? 

Kulzer: Unlike other bonding systems, iBOND Universal only requires a 10 second curing time and the clinician still works with their preferred bonding technique. There is no need to “scrub” the material into the tooth structure and again, the material accommodates all types of etching preferences.

GDN: What kind of training does Kulzer offer emerging dental groups and DSOs?

Kulzer: Kulzer has teamed with some prominent media companies and has an entire library of webinars, podcasts and lunch & learn modules to educate dental offices and staff on usage.

iBOND Universal is indicated for the following applications:

  • Adhesive bonding of direct light-curing, self-curing or dual-curing methacrylate-based composite or compomer restorations in all cavity classes
  • Bonding of light-curing, self-curing or dual-curing methacrylate-based core build-up materials
  • Treatment of hypersensitive tooth regions
  • Sealing of cavities before applying amalgam
  • Bonding of fissure sealings
  • Sealing of cavities and preparations prior to insertion of temporary indirect restorations according to the Immediate Dentine Sealing Technique
  • Bonding of indirect restorations with light-curing, self-curing or dual-curing composite cements
  • Intraoral repair of composite and compomer restorations as well as metal and metal ceramic restorations

iBOND Universal – many benefits in just one bottle:

  • Instant bonding success: Due to the unique moisture control system and optimal formula, iBOND Universal offers excellent dentine penetration and instant, reliable bond strength.
  • Unique moisture control: Acetone acts like a water chaser and supports the fast evaporation of water. You benefit from this skillful system with easier air-drying, reduced technique-sensitivity and a homogeneous bonding layer.
  • The all-rounder for bonding matters: iBOND Universal enables bonding of composite/compomer, precious metal, non-precious metal, zirconia or silicate ceramic, and is compatible with light-cure, dual-cure and self-cure materials without the need of a dual-cure activator. For bonding and repairing silicate ceramics, you precondition the restoration using iBOND Ceramic Primer.
  • Easy and precise application: Self-etch, total-etch or selective etch – the choice is yours. In addition, our exclusive drop control bottle design delivers just the amount of bonding agent you need.