Maeva Dental Advisors Announces Inaugural DSO Accelerator & Management Meeting

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Maeva Dental Advisors will hold its first annual DSO Accelerator & Management Meeting on December 5, 2019, at Gilly’s Venue and Event Space in Dallas, Texas.

This meeting will offer every attendee a competitive advantage by providing an unparalleled opportunity to actually “workshop” the business of their DSOs, and thereby use real management tools to help them achieve their business goals. It is believed this approach is a first in the dental industry.

Attendees will leave with a distinct competitive advantage because they participated in both theory and implementation in an unparalleled actionable workshop environment, led by some of the most experienced minds in the business. Attendees will also expand their knowledge and skillsets based on a proven, empirical approach to DSO acquisition and growth.

During the meeting workshops, you will identify key areas of your practice to modify that will propel your business growth. To support you in this effort, you will receive three complimentary 1-hour monthly hands-on coaching calls with Maeva’s experienced leadership team to help guide the implementation of the goals and objectives established at the meeting, a $7,500 value.

Maeva is bringing over 35 years of proven experience and history of helping dental practices reach new heights, including its own DSO that ranked #14 on the 2014 INC. Magazine’s list of 500 fastest-growing private companies with growth of over 12,000%.

The Maeva DSO Accelerator & Management Meeting will focus on key areas of business such as performance metrics, including:

  • Performance Metrics
  • Human Resources
  • Footprint Expansion
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Teledentistry
  • Optimized Hygiene

Featured Speakers Include:

  • Dr. Chris Salierno, Editor, Dental Economics
  • Vincent Cardillo, CEO, Maeva Dental Advisors
  • Mike Disa, Chief Operating Officer, Maeva Dental Advisors
  • Paula Fontana, Vice President, People and Culture, Maeva Dental Advisors
  • Dr. Bill Jackson, Chief Operating Officer, Virtual Dental
  • Marlene Kacy, RDH, Founder, Core Hygiene Advantage
  • Sasha Statman-Weil, Client Services Specialist, Maeva Dental Advisors

Following the workshops at 7:00 PM, attendees are also invited to attend a VIP Networking cocktail reception at the Rooftop Bar of the acclaimed Canvas Hotel for networking with like-minded DSO owners as well as industry leaders that can further support growing DSO business.

Group Dentistry Now readers will receive a $100 discount on Emerging Group Practice Bundle registration (up to three guests) with code GDNMAEVA through October 31, 2019. Using the GDNMAEVA code you can also attend Maeva’s DSO Accelerator & Management meeting and receive three 1-hour coaching calls all for $795 per person.

Attendees will be engaged in vital areas of practice management, from operations to HR. That’s why we believe it is imperative that your practice and operations leadership attend.

To register click HERE, or to learn more about Maeva and their DSO Accelerator & Management Meeting, click HERE.

About Maeva Dental Advisors

Maeva Dental Advisors is a recognized industry leader that provides group and emerging group dental practices with enhanced time-tested management, advice and strategies tied to each client’s unique business lifecycle and objectives. Maeva empowers clients to achieve success quickly and efficiently. To learn more about Maeva visit

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