ProSmile Membership: Bridging the Coverage Gap

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When it comes to patient care, ProSmile takes a simple approach.

“For us, it’s making sure that our patients have access to care at a fair price. Patients tend to put off treatment due to price,” says Andrew Shafran, COO of ProSmile.

When ProSmile began to notice a clear trend in the number of patients without affordable dental coverage, the team set out to find a solution that would work for both the 80+ practices they support and their patients.

“Dental insurance is becoming a less common benefit among employers as they seek to achieve cost savings,” explains Shafran.

In fact, from 2005 to 2018, the number of employer-sponsored dental benefit plans dropped by roughly 35%. Beyond the challenges that dental insurance can pose for dental practices, this gap in coverage can leave patients apprehensive about keeping their necessary appointments. According to an analysis from the ADA Health Policy Institute, 70% of Americans without dental coverage cite cost as the reason they don’t visit their dentist more frequently.

“We identified that a large number of our patients did not have insurance, and we felt it was important to provide a benefit for those patients. We partnered with Membersy because they are the leader in the space.”

A one-stop shop for a successful dental membership plan

The Membersy team worked with ProSmile to develop a dental membership plan that met their organization’s unique needs — and provided their uninsured patients with an affordable way to access care.

“For us, Membersy is a one-stop shop. All the materials and technology are provided to us — all we have to do is let the patients know we have the benefit available if they choose to purchase it,” says Andrew.

As the leader of operations for ProSmile, Shafran sees how his team recoups valuable time and resources developing individual systems for each component of the membership plan.

“There’s a pathway for payment. There’s a pathway for marketing. There’s a pathway for materials and training — we would have to build out dedicated work streams for all these different things.”

Driving growth and ensuring patient care: The power of ProSmile Membership

Over the course of their partnership with Membersy, the ProSmile team has seen first-hand how a successful membership plan can supplement their payer mix and foster growth.

“As an organization, we’ve returned to our pre-pandemic levels. We’ve seen our membership plan work in unison with that return to scale. We’ve seen consistent enrollment and re-enrollment month over month.”

Shafran knows that when a patient gets to the front desk of a ProSmile office, the team is equipped with different levers they can pull to get the patient the care they need — and the membership plan is a critical option.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth in our Membersy patient base…” shares Shafran. “This is a great way to increase acceptance and make sure your patients are getting what they need, when they need it.”

Empower your uninsured patients with Membersy

Your patients shouldn’t have to rely on complicated dental insurance — and neither should your business. Membersy can help you design, implement, and administer a dental membership plan that fuels growth and scales with your practice. Connect with Membersy today to see how you can unlock your earning potential and empower your patients with an affordable option to get the dental care they need.