Pure Health Dental Partners Affiliates With Great Expressions Dental Centers

Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC) recently announced its affiliation with Pure Health Dental Partners, a leading Ohio-based dental services organization with practices in the greater Cleveland and Akron markets. For over 45 years, Great Expressions Dental Centers has been a provider of preventative dental care, orthodontics and specialty care with dental offices in nine states.

“The Great Expressions family welcomes Pure Health Dental Team Members. We are excited to work together and serve more patients across Ohio. Like GEDC, Pure Health has accomplished providers who are passionate about delivering distinctive patient care. We are honored to partner with them as we begin our journey in expanding our national footprint.” – Adesh Ramchandran, CEO of Great Expressions Dental Centers

Pure Health Dental was founded by Aziza Abed, RDH in 2018. Aziza began working for a DSO when she was 15 years old on the clinical side. She became involved in the business side of dentistry when she assisted in building the hygiene program at DentalOne Partners. While with DentalOne, she decided to put dental school on hold, and instead pioneered a new regional clinical advisor role in the DSO. After working in the DSO industry for two decades, she made the bold move to navigate fairly unchartered territory to start her own group: Pure Health Dental Partners. 

Aziza Abed was featured in Group Dentistry Now in May, 2018. The article, In The DSO World, Female Executives Are Uncommon, Founders Are Rare. Meet DSO Founder, Aziza Abed, RDH. Here is an excerpt question from the article:

“I was very fortunate that I worked for an amazing executive team at DentalOne Partners who invited me to assist them with building a hygiene program. Doug Brown (former CEO of DentalOne, now with Affordable Care) encouraged me to pioneer the regional clinical advisor role. Regional clinical advisor (RCA) was a new role we created to continue the teachings of Mike Bileca and Practice Synergistics. At the time, I was completing my pre-med course of study to apply for dental school. I decided to take Doug’s recommendation and put dental school on hold. As you can see, I enjoyed the role and just continued to expand my scope in management.”

Shortly after that Q&A article Aziza Abed became part of the Group Dentistry Now editorial board – HERE. She has also contributed to several thought leader articles, 2019 Recap & 2020 Predictions, 2020 Predictions *Update*, and 2021 Forecast.

Adesh Ramchandran and Aziza Abed

Now, Aziza will join GEDC in a leadership role as VP of enterprise transformation. “The GEDC team has been great to work with, taking a flexible and collaborative approach. I am excited to join the GEDC team and drive forward their mission of supporting trusted providers of quality dental care across the communities they serve,” said Pure’s founder.

This is GEDC’s first acquisition under CEO Adesh Ramchandran’s leadership. “We are excited to launch our footprint expansion strategy with Pure. Our multi-specialty care model will enable us to rapidly affiliate with dental providers and practices and help them serve more patients in their communities”, he said. GEDC will continue to seek affiliations with patient-focused practices across United States.

For more information about careers at Great Expressions, please visit HERE. If you are interested in affiliating with Great Expressions, please send your inquiry to GEDCResponse@GreatExpressions.com

Source: Great Expressions, Group Dentistry Now

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