Recap of ADSO’s 2018 ‘Partnering for Growth: Pathway to a DSO’ Summer Conference

The Association of Dental Support Organizations recently held its Partnering for Growth: Pathway to a DSO conference in Denver, CO at the Grand Hyatt on July 12th and 13th 2018. This event was unique because the ADSO’s established DSO members presented, educated, and guided emerging dental group practice attendees. These established DSO veterans presented best practices which will significantly save emerging dental group practices time and money.

Throughout the conference, attendees had the opportunity to listen, converse, and share ideas with industry veterans. They were also able to meet, connect, brainstorm, share, and learn from other emerging dental groups.

The very successful meeting started out strong with CEO roundtable discussions on the first day where attendees were given the opportunity to converse with DSO executives on specific topics. The purposeful and thought-provoking roundtable discussions gave attendees a rare and valuable opportunity to learn and network with DSO CEOs in an intimate setting and in a meaningful way.

Topics Included:

ComplianceTheresa Schekirke of Samson Dental Partners and Andy Lyness of D4C Dental Brands
Recruitment & Patient AcquisitionEmmet Scott of Community Dental Partners
Equity Opportunities for DSOsDr. AJ Acierno of Decision One Dental and Scotte Hudsmith of Smile Doctors
Clinical LeadershipDr. Charlie Zasso of Affordable Care and Dr. John Barnes of Pacific Dental Services
Growth through De Novo & AcquisitionDoug Brown of Affordable Care and Mitch Olan of Dental Care Alliance


Equally well-received and impactful was the Future Trends session with two industry giants: Dr. Rick Workman, Founder and Executive Chairman of Heartland Dental, and Stephen Thorne IV, Founder, CEO and President of Pacific Dental Services.

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