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The VivaPen Revolution: Transforming DSOs with Universal Bonding Agents

In the evolving landscape of dental practice, the introduction of advanced tools and materials is crucial for maintaining efficiency and effectiveness. Among these innovations, Ivoclar’s Adhese Universal VivaPen stands out, offering a range of clinical advantages that address some of the traditional challenges dental professionals face. This article explores the benefits of the VivaPen, its impact on clinical practice, and its potential to streamline workflows and improve patient outcomes.

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The Evolution of Bonding Agents

Historically, fourth-generation bonding agents were considered the gold standard in dental bonding. These systems involved separate bottles for primer and adhesive, which, while effective, were both technique-sensitive and expensive. The necessity of maintaining the correct moisture level in dentin and the high cost of materials posed significant challenges. Additionally, these systems were primarily limited to direct restorations.

However, advancements in dental materials have led to the development of universal bonding agents, which are not only on par with fourth-generation agents in terms of clinical success but also offer greater ease of use and cost-effectiveness. The Adhese Universal VivaPen exemplifies this progress, providing a versatile solution that simplifies the bonding process across various clinical situations.

Choose Wisely for Superior Results

The dental bonding agent you use is probably the most important clinical decision that you make in your practice, dental group or dental service organization (DSOs).  Besides a handpiece, it is by far and away the thing a clinician picks up the most when it comes to restoring teeth. All the workflow decisions the clinician makes after that are based on that one decision. Choosing the right bonding agent is key to the success of a dental group or DSO.

“You want to pick a bonding agent that gives you the most flexibility, that works in the most applications, and is the easiest for you to work with. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with the Adhese Universal VivaPen for a few different reasons: flexibility in how we apply our bonding agent, specifically how we etch before we apply our bonding agent, and then how we can use that bonding agent for things other than just direct restorations.” – Dr. Joshua Austin, Private Practice Owner & Editorial Director of Dental Economics

The key advantage of the VivaPen is its ability to provide a consistently fresh, strong bond. With just a click, fresh adhesive flows from the hermetically sealed chamber inside the pen to the cotton puff cannula tip, allowing you to apply it directly to the tooth whenever needed. This essentially offers an on-demand solution, which is unique to this system. Unlike other systems that rely on unit doses or Dappen dishes, the VivaPen ensures the freshest bonding agent is always available.

Clinical Advantages

The Adhese Universal VivaPen is designed to be compatible with any composite system, allowing dentists to use their preferred materials without compromise. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in practices where multiple clinicians might have different preferences for composites.

“That enhanced flexibility of being able to use it in all applications saves us time, saves us headache and saves us money.” – Dr. Joshua Austin, Private Practice Owner & Editorial Director of Dental Economics

Save Chair Time and Reduce Waste

A VivaPen offers about 180 applications, significantly reducing waste compared to traditional bottles, which may hold more liquid but provide only around 80 applications. Considering that bonding agents are among the most expensive items in a dental practice, this reduction in waste translates to substantial financial savings.

Traditional systems often result in excess adhesive being dispensed and discarded, but the precise dispensing mechanism of the VivaPen ensures that only the necessary amount is used, leading to substantial cost savings.

Additionally, the ease of use of the VivaPen saves valuable chair time, allowing practices to maintain clinical consistency and efficiency. Using high-quality products like the VivaPen not only helps save money by minimizing waste but also optimizes time management, making it an ideal choice for group practices.

“Selecting the right materials is essential for your clinical success and the financial and operational health of your group practice. VivaPen streamlines that process, reduces waste, and improves efficiency across the board for your group practice.” – Lisa Kottke, Key Account Manager of Ivoclar

Streamline Workflows

In addition to its clinical advantages, the VivaPen can greatly enhance standardization, consistency, and procedural workflows. The single-pen system simplifies the bonding process, reducing the number of steps involved and thus the potential for error. This efficiency leads to more successful and consistent clinical outcomes and is particularly evident in quadrant dentistry, where multiple restorations are performed in a single session.

The VivaPen is also adaptable to various etching techniques, allowing dentists to choose the best approach for each case. Whether total-etch, selective-etch, or self-etch, the VivaPen integrates seamlessly into the workflow.

For indirect restorations, the VivaPen pairs effectively with the VarioLink aesthetic cement system, further streamlining the bonding process and improving clinical and operational efficiency. This versatility means that a single VivaPen can be used for both direct and indirect restorations, enhancing its utility and value.

Furthermore, the VivaPen’s efficiency extends to time management. In practices where time is money, reducing the duration of procedures without compromising quality is crucial. The VivaPen, especially when paired with the Bluephase PowerCure light, allows for rapid curing, significantly cutting down on chair time. This combination can cure adhesive in just three seconds and composite layers up to four millimeters thick, enhancing productivity and profitability.

Threefold Clinical Efficiency

1. Efficient dispensing with the VivaPen. Simple “Click” activation dispenses the exact amount of material needed for each procedure.

2. Fast, reliable cure Adhese Universal is cured with conventional curing lights (with a light intensity of 2,000 mW/cm2) in just 5 seconds (with a light intensity of 2000 mW/cm2) – with the Bluephase PowerCure in the 3sCure mode, the curing process is reduced to only 3 seconds.

3. Adhese Universal is suitable for direct and indirect restorations.

Mitigate Sensitivity

One common issue in dental practice is the occurrence of post-operative sensitivity. The VivaPen helps mitigate this problem through its unique solvent system, which rehydrates the collagen matrix in the dentin, ensuring a robust hybrid layer. This feature is particularly beneficial for younger clinicians who may be more prone to over-drying preparations.

“If you’ve got a patient with some root sensitivity, they have a little bit of root exposure. Cold zings them. You can literally just isolate that area, click the pen and apply it with the cannula tip to that root, air thin it and cure it and get an anti-sensitivity effect on that exposed root. And that’s a billable feature as well.” – Dr. Joshua Austin, Private Practice Owner & Editorial Director of Dental Economics

Adhese® Universal

Quality. Strength. Results.

The first working steps decisively influence the esthetic appearance and quality of the final restoration. Adhese Universal achieves high bond strength values (> 25 MPa) on enamel and dentin, irrespective of the etching protocol used or the moisture conditions on the tooth surface. Predictable, high bond strength values allow you to work with confidence. Since Adhese Universal can be applied very thinly, you have all the freedom you need to create esthetically demanding restorations.

universal bonding

Practical Applications and Cost Effectiveness

The VivaPen surpasses its role as a mere dental adhesive; it stands as a strategic cornerstone for DSOs and group practices. The tool’s practical applications are vast, covering everything from direct restorations, like Class I and II composites, to bonding attachments for Invisalign, and addressing root sensitivity. Its ability to provide consistent and fresh adhesive on demand makes it an invaluable tool in any dental practice.

Considering dental adhesive can be one of the costliest materials in dental practice, choosing the right adhesive product is paramount to a practice’s bottom line. Financially, the VivaPen offers a compelling case. With approximately 180 applications per pen and reduced material waste, practices can achieve significant cost savings. This efficiency is particularly appealing to group practices and DSOs, where operational costs and clinical consistency are paramount.

The Benefits of Partnership

While product quality and efficiency are crucial, maximizing these benefits necessitates tapping into Ivoclar’s educational support infrastructure. With 100 years of experience in the dental industry, Ivoclar knows how to seamlessly implement new products or workflows within DSOs or dental groups.

Dental groups and DSOs must meticulously assess material manufacturers, ensuring they offer top-tier products, efficient workflows, and robust support systems. Comprehensive solutions rely on rigorous product training and reliable assistance, aspects in which Ivoclar excels with its dedicated DSO support team boasting nearly 100 representatives with approximately 10 years of tenure.

The stability provided by Ivoclar’s seasoned support team is invaluable for integrating products and workflows across diverse practices within a network. Moreover, Ivoclar’s support extends beyond addressing product-related concerns, serving as an extension of the DSO or dental group and offering comprehensive assistance. Additionally, Ivoclar provides a range of tools and resources, including Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and the Ivoclar Academy, to exceed the requirements of DSOs. This holistic approach ensures that DSOs not only have their needs met but exceeded.


The Adhese Universal VivaPen represents a significant advancement in dental bonding technology. Its ease of use, cost-efficiency, and versatility make it an essential tool for modern dental practices. By streamlining workflows and reducing waste, the VivaPen not only improves clinical outcomes but also enhances the overall efficiency and profitability of dental practices. As the dental industry continues to evolve, innovations like the VivaPen will play a crucial role in shaping the future of dental care.

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