Simplifying Direct Restorative Dentistry and Elevating DSO Efficiency

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Choosing the right workflow solution is key to ensuring high quality and long-lasting direct restorations. DSOs who want to achieve a better patient experience, faster treatments, and stronger results, need state-of-the-art products to increase the efficiency of their direct restorative workflow from start to finish.

Streamline Clinical Processes with an Integrated Product Solution

Streamlining clinical processes is possibly one of the most critical aspects to a solo practice’s bottom line. The importance becomes even more pronounced when dealing with the intricacies of multiple locations and clinicians.

Ivoclar has a simple solution to this complicated problem: The Efficient Esthetics Kit*, encompassing a comprehensive suite of tools, from the innovative OptraGate® for isolation to the OptraGloss® single spiral system for polishing. This all-inclusive solution, originating from a single manufacturer, eliminates the need for piecemeal considerations, ensuring a harmonized and rigorously tested approach.

“The Efficient Esthetics Kit gives you everything that you need from A to Z, which is why I love it. I don’t have to worry about how I am going to fill in the blanks of this workflow by buying other products or things to fill in the gaps, because I don’t need it. They’ve got everything provided for me that I need to get through a composite restoration, and not only get through it, but get through it in a way that’s going to make my patients happy and comfortable, and is going to make me happy, because I take a lot of pride in the work that I do. I really appreciate the innovation that Ivoclar has and the thought that they’ve put into these products and really utilizing them as a workflow.” – Dr. Tony Mennito, Owner of Expertise Dental and Adjunct Faculty Member at the Medical University of South Carolina

By utilizing the Efficient Esthetics workflow, your DSO can streamline inventory. You can create more operational efficiency. So not only are you increasing patient satisfaction and increasing operational efficiency, but you are also maximizing profitability.

Reduce Steps with PowerFlow and PowerFill

Navigating the complexities of modern dentistry requires a strategic approach, particularly for young dentists aiming for a successful start in their careers. The ability to streamline restorative procedures, particularly with pediatric patients, becomes paramount for practice efficiency. Ivoclar’s innovative products play a pivotal role in simplifying complex procedures, providing a foundation for effective and efficient dental care.

Ivoclar addresses the multifaceted challenges of contemporary dentistry with Tetric® PowerFlow, a flowable composite designed to minimize procedural steps. This advanced material not only simplifies the restoration process but also facilitates efficient curing with reduced light energy. Moreover, it incorporates an added layer of forgiveness, benefiting both clinicians and their patients.

When coupled with the Tetric® PowerFill system, a bulk fill material, the entire procedure is further streamlined. Clinicians can achieve exceptional results with fewer increments of the composite, optimizing treatment precision and expediting the overall process. This integrated approach contributes to the efficacy of restorative treatments, particularly beneficial when dealing with pediatric patients who may present challenges in maintaining stillness during procedures.

Efficient curing is pivotal to the longevity of dental materials, including composites, bonding agents, and dental cement. Ivoclar’s emphasis on effective curing with Tetric® PowerFlow and the Tetric® PowerFill system ensures the durability and longevity of restorations. Failure to adequately cure these materials may compromise their longevity, underscoring the significance of Ivoclar’s commitment to efficient curing practices.

The longevity achieved with Ivoclar’s bulk fill materials rivals that of conventional techniques and products. This not only attests to the efficacy of the Tetric® PowerFlow and Tetric® PowerFill system but also signifies a seamless transition to modern, more efficient restorative approaches. Ivoclar’s commitment to maintaining or surpassing the standards set by traditional techniques ensures that DSOs can trust in the durability of their restorations.

Maximize Chair Time

In the face of economic uncertainties and rising inflation, individuals and organizations are compelled to adopt a more vigilant approach to financial management. Whether operating within the structured framework of a DSO or navigating personal financial choices, the awareness of cost and its impact on the bottom line has become a shared responsibility.

“I like to make sure we don’t have follow-up visits after our restorative appointments that are nonproductive appointments. So, if I see a patient and I do a quadrant of composites and that’s the last bit of restorative dentistry that they need, I don’t want to see that patient until their next recall visit. I don’t want them coming back because they have sensitivity because the occlusion is off or anything like that. If you use Ivoclar’s Efficient Esthetics system as it is intended, you’re not going to have patients coming back with post-op sensitivity, with issues because of voids in your composite.” Dr. Tony Mennito, Owner of Expertise Dental and Adjunct Faculty Member at the Medical University of South Carolina

Beyond the Products: The Benefits of Partnership

While the emphasis on product quality and efficiency is paramount, the full realization of these benefits requires leveraging the educational support offered by Ivoclar.

As dental groups contemplate strategic partnerships, a meticulous examination of the chosen material manufacturer becomes paramount. It is essential to assess whether the selected partner not only delivers top-tier products but also ensures the provision of quality, efficient workflows, and robust support mechanisms for seamless integration into organizational systems.

The efficacy of any comprehensive solution, particularly at scale, hinges on the presence of rigorous product training and reliable support. When challenges arise, clinicians must have access to a seasoned support team capable of delivering timely assistance. Ivoclar distinguishes itself through a dedicated DSO support team comprised of nearly 100 representatives, boasting an unmatched tenure of approximately 10 years.

The stability and consistency offered by Ivoclar’s tenured support team prove instrumental in the day-to-day operations of DSOs. This consistency is particularly crucial in the intricate process of integrating products and workflows across diverse practices within the network.

Beyond merely addressing product-related concerns, Ivoclar’s extensive support team seamlessly integrates as an extension of the DSO or dental group. This extension adds tangible value by providing support that goes beyond the product level, creating a comprehensive partnership that addresses a spectrum of needs.

In addition to the dedicated support team, Ivoclar equips DSOs with a suite of tools and resources to surpass their requirements. The inclusion of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) renowned in the industry and the Ivoclar Academy, offering Continuing Education (CE) and educational resources, further enriches the support ecosystem. This holistic approach ensures that DSOs not only have their needs met, but exceeded.

“The relationship between a dental group and a materials or dental restorative manufacturer is more than buying and selling products, if you are utilizing them right. It is a strategic partnership. And that is what Ivoclar really wants to accomplish as we continue to expand our team and grow in the DSO space.” – Sean Finn, North America Key Account Manager, Ivoclar

Drive Same Store Growth

The profound impact of a material manufacturer on a DSO’s same store growth cannot be overstated, and Ivoclar’s reputation for high-quality products speaks volumes. The deployment of superior materials streamlines procedures, minimizing non-productive appointments and elevating patient satisfaction. The ripple effect of such efficiency extends to the enhanced profitability and holistic business performance of dental groups.

Ivoclar’s commitment to providing workflows that enhance productivity becomes a catalyst for same store growth. An exemplary illustration of this commitment is found in the utilization of cutting-edge tools such as the Ivoclar Bluephase® PowerCure. This industry-leading curing light, with a three-second cure mode, coupled with the innovative Adhese® Universal VivaPen delivery system for universal adhesive, exemplifies efficiency at its pinnacle. Such solutions not only save valuable time in common procedures but also contribute to cost savings by eliminating waste entirely.

Ivoclar’s profound impact on same store growth is intricately woven into the fabric of its proven track record, commitment to high-quality products, and innovative solutions. By leveraging these offerings, dental groups not only enhance their efficiency and patient satisfaction, but also witness a tangible increase in profitability and overall business performance.

In a landscape where time and precision are paramount, Ivoclar stands out as a strategic partner poised to drive sustained growth within the same store framework of DSOs.

*What is in the Efficient Esthetics trial kit:

  • OptraGate: Lip and cheek retractor provides generous access to the treatment field and ensures relative isolation.
  • Adhese Universal Viva Pen: Single component light curing adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures and all etching protocols.
  • Tetric® Prime: Sculptable universal composite for the anterior and posterior region.
  • Tetric® EvoFlow: Flowable universal composite for anterior and posterior region.
  • Tetric® PowerFlow: Flowable four-millimeter composite for true to nature aesthetic in the posterior region.
  • Tetric® PowerFill: Sculptable four-millimeter composite for true to nature aesthetic in the posterior region.
  • OptraGloss®: Universal diamond polisher for high glossing polishing of composite restoration in only one step.