Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium From an Attendee’s Point of View

Mortenson Dental Partners will host the 5th annual Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium this August 21-23 at the Omni Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. Created to be a forum of conversation about the dental industry, Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium has quickly become one of the top DSO conferences in the country. The inclusive culture built around idea sharing and networking is one that has attendees returning year after year.

Northcutt Dental is one of those companies that has attended year after year. Located in north and south Alabama, Northcutt Dental is a group of six dental practices that have been serving families for over 20 years.

Bill Becknell, CEO of Mortenson Dental Partners, sat down with Burt Arthur, CFO of Northcutt Dental, to understand what has kept them coming back to Scaling Up.

Bill: Tell us a little about Northcutt Dental…where are you located, how many locations and what types of practices.

Burt: We are a group of family friendly practices with six office locations serving families in south and north Alabama. More specifically, our office locations are concentrated near the Gulf Coast and near Birmingham. Our providers specialize in everything from general and preventive dental care to more advanced dental treatments such as restorations, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Bill: What is it about Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium that keeps you coming back each year?

Burt: Northcutt Dental has attended the event since its inception. Each year, there never fails to be an “ah-ha!” moment. It might come from one of the speakers, or it might come from someone I meet during the networking opportunities throughout the event. It is the anticipation of what could be in store next year that keeps us coming back!

Bill: What would you say sets Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium apart from similar industry events?

Burt Arthur: Without a doubt, it is Mortenson Dental Partners willingness to share abundantly that sets the event apart from similar industry events. The company is transparent about the successes and challenges they’ve faced as a growing organization and are dedicated to helping attendees navigate those successes and challenges. I truly feel like Mortenson Dental Partners cares about our group just as much as they do their own company.

Bill: Thinking back on previous events, what wisdom, topics or speakers have had the most impact on you and your company?

Burt: There are too many to list! However, one of the major takeaways for me is how technology is driving our industry. Dentistry and technology are an unsuspecting pair, but when we integrate the latest technology into our business operations and clinical practices, we are being more effective and better serving ourselves and our patients.

Bill: What value do you see in the networking aspect of the event?

Burt Arthur: Networking is one of the main reasons we attend. You are constantly surrounded by like-minded individuals facing the same successes and struggles as you throughout the event, so it would be a huge missed opportunity to not network among them. It is invaluable to have this dedicated time away from your practice to share stories, ideas and solutions with colleagues within the industry.

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