The Partnership Advantage: Smile Partner’s Path to Membership Plan Efficiency

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In the ever-changing landscape of dental care, Smile Partners USA is transforming the patient experience with its Smile Easy Savings Plan. The membership plan is a testament to their commitment to providing quality care, fostering lifelong relationships, and ensuring accessibility and transparency in the dental services their patients receive.

“Offering a membership plan allows our trusted network of offices to deliver legendary patient experiences while building lifelong relationships,” says Dave Gaspar, Chief Operating Officer of Smile Partners USA. “The success of the Smile Easy Savings Plan stems from a combination of factors that prioritize accessibility, transparency, and patient empowerment.”

Building a community of lifelong patient relationships

Smile Partners USA is a management support organization providing support to over 95 practices. Their trusted network of offices and scores of dedicated dental professionals share a universal approach to dental care that goes beyond mere dental treatment and revolves around creating valuable patient experiences while forging lifelong relationships with teammates, patients, and communities. Their commitment to transparent communication ensures that patients are well-informed about their oral health and treatment options while fostering a sense of trust and confidence in their care. In essence, their teams’ approach emphasizes not only dental treatment but also the cultivation of lasting connections that contribute to the overall well-being of their patients and communities.

Offering a membership plan strongly aligns with Smile Partner’s holistic approach to dental care, allowing their practices to deliver excellent clinical outcomes to a set of patients they may not have been able to serve, otherwise. However, the journey to streamline and optimize the efficiency of their in-house membership plan presented significant challenges, prompting a strategic partnership with Membersy.  

Recognizing the challenges of in-house membership plan administration

Starting in 2019, Smile Partners began offering a membership plan that they administered internally across their offices. “We were facing several challenges in managing an in-house plan effectively across a network of independent-minded practices. One of the primary issues was the complexity of administration, including tasks such as billing and membership tracking,” says Gaspar. 

Smile Partners recognized the need for a more streamlined and efficient solution to address these challenges. By partnering with Membersy, they aimed to alleviate the burden of administrative tasks, enhance the overall management of the plan, and provide their patients with a better experience. “Membersy offered a tailored solution that aligned perfectly with our organization’s needs and objectives. Their platform provided robust features for plan administration, billing, and member communication, streamlining our processes and enhancing efficiency,” says Gaspar.  

Membersy’s centralized system allowed for seamless coordination and communication across all of Smile Partner’s partnered locations. This helps ensure consistency in plan implementation and member experience, regardless of the practice they visit. The unified platform has simplified operations and improved overall efficiency. 

On top of relieving the administrative challenges of managing an in-house plan, Membersy was flexible and accommodating during the transition. The team made sure Smile Partner’s input and requirements were implemented and all appropriate teams were trained and up to speed with the new membership plan. 

“We implement change systematically through a multi-faceted rollout strategy that emphasizes frequent communication. Our approach to driving adoption involves showcasing the value of the change, addressing inquiries, and offering unwavering support,” says Lisa Niespolo, Integrations Manager at Smile Partners. 

A unified solution for improved patient outcomes

Smile Partners has observed a notable increase in treatment acceptance and improved patient outcomes among individuals who have joined the membership plan. By offering affordable access to preventive and comprehensive dental care, the membership plan has encouraged patients to seek timely treatment and adhere to recommended preventive measures. 

“Members enrolled in the plan tend to be more proactive about scheduling regular check-ups and addressing dental issues early on, leading to better overall oral health outcomes,” says Gaspar. “Additionally, the reduced financial barriers associated with the membership plan have made it easier for patients to access necessary treatments and procedures, resulting in higher treatment acceptance rates.”

One of the strengths of the Smile Easy Savings Plan lies in its affordability, offering patients access to top-notch dental care at rates that accommodate various financial situations. The affordability, coupled with comprehensive coverage for preventive care and discounts on additional treatments, ensures that patients receive necessary care without financial strain.

Patients appreciate the straightforward pricing structure and the absence of hidden fees, which fosters trust and encourages enrollment. Clear communication and education initiatives associated with the plan empower patients to understand their options fully and make informed decisions about their oral health. This emphasis on education not only improves treatment outcomes but also enhances patient satisfaction.

Leveraging membership plans as a strategic marketing tool to drive patient growth and loyalty

Membership plans, such as the Smile Easy Savings Plan offered by Smile Partners, are not just a means to provide affordable dental care but also serve as a powerful marketing tool to attract new patients and retain existing ones. By offering clear, upfront pricing and discounts on preventive services and other treatments, membership plans address a key concern for many patients: the cost of dental care. The sense of belonging and loyalty fostered by membership plans enhances patient engagement and satisfaction, turning patients into advocates for the practice. 

“Membership plans function as a strategic marketing tool for dental practices by attracting new patients through clear pricing and discounts while fostering loyalty and advocacy among existing patients, thus differentiating the practice and facilitating data-driven marketing efforts,” says Katie Okeefe, Digital Marketing Manager at Smile Partners. 

Want to talk about the challenges of your in-house dental membership plan? Membersy can help you design, implement, and administer a dental membership plan that fuels growth and scales with your practice. Connect with Membersy today to see how you can unlock your earning potential and empower your patients with an affordable option to get the dental care they need.