Top OSHA And Infection Control Violations In The Dental Office [Webinar Recording]

Top OSHA And Infection Control Violations in the Dental Office in 2024 with Dr. Karson Carpenter. This is a webinar recording which was recorded on May 1st, 2024. The DSO Study Club from Group Dentistry Now is proud to provide this recording.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the top OSHA and Infection Control violations observed in dental practices within the past year.
  2. Understand the specific regulations associated with each identified violation.
  3. Explore practical strategies and solutions to help rectify and prevent OSHA violations in dental settings.
  4. Empower dental teams with the knowledge and tools to help maintain a safe and compliant workplace.

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Speaker Bio: Karson L. Carpenter, DDS, President, Compliance Training Partners

Karson L. Carpenter serves as President of Compliance Training Partners. He is an OSHA-authorized trainer who has for over 25 years designed educational programs to bring dental facilities into compliance with the governmental regulations that affect them in the areas of OSHA, HIPAA, and infection control. His experience includes guiding numerous clients across the United States through OSHA and HIPAA inspections as well as the critical post-inspection process.