Welcome to 2022!

Publisher’s Letter

Welcome to 2022

Much like 2020, 2021 was an unusual, but incredibly strong year for the DSO industry. Even though Americans ranked 2021 as one of the worst years ever, most in the DSO industry likely felt differently.

M&A and de novo activity in 2021 outpaced 2020 and was the most active year that we have ever experienced since our reporting on the industry began in 2014. On the supplier side, opportunities to partner with emerging groups and DSOs continued to be plentiful for organizations that understood and were willing to customize clinical and support solutions for dental groups and DSOs.

Over the past month, both Kim Larson and I have had multiple discussions with our editorial board and other industry leaders, and by all accounts, 2022 should continue on with as much vigor and intensity as 2021. What’s at the top of DSO’s wish list for the new year? Analytics solutions, technology and clinical solutions that can assist with same-store sales and M&A growth. Also, at the top of that list for our industry (and most others) are talent acquisition and retention solutions.

Events 2022

We here at Group Dentistry Now (GDN) get a lot of questions about events. The hope is that most in-person events will happen in 2022, albeit some may require masks and/or proof of vaccination. Stay informed on all of the relevant DSO or emerging dental group events by visiting our events page.

Next week we will publish a comprehensive overview of the DSO and dental meetings to put on your list for 2022. But for right now, here are a couple to put on your calendar for early 2022:

✅ January – Yankee Dental Congress (Boston) has a DSO Discovery Day on January 29th. Use code “FREEDSO” to attend for free. Great event for the DSO curious dentist or someone with an emerging dental group practice.

✅ February – American Academy of Dental Group Practice (AADGP) Expo 2022 Evolution (Las Vegas), February 3rd – February 5th. The theme is Life Cycle Management for Your Practice. The AADGP has invested a lot of time and energy to ensure this event will be better than ever. Use code “groupdentistrynow” to save $100.

✅ FebruaryThe Stepping Away Workshop – The Hands-on Retreat for Dentists to Scale, Build Wealth, and Regain Their Freedom (Newport Beach). Use code “GDN” to save $500. A great event for the dentist who wants a hands-on workshop with an actionable plan to grow and automate your practice lifestyle.

More to come next week with our entire DSO and dental event overview for 2022.

Group Dentistry Now 2022 and Beyond

Group Dentistry Now continues to grow thanks to our readers, sponsors, editorial board and all of the contributors to our publication. Without every single one of you we would not continue to be the #1 resource for DSO and emerging dental group news, education and information.

❗ You have asked, and we have heard you! We will now begin publishing our enewsletter ever week versus twice monthly. Look for Group Dentistry Now’s DSO Weekly in your inbox starting the first week in January.

❗ We get asked at least once a day if we have a list of DSOs and the data behind it. We take the privacy of our subscribers very seriously and do not sell our data. However, GDN has recently formed a partnership with DSO Data Connect. DSO Data Connect is a robust DSO and emerging dental group data platform. The platform offers updated, c-suite and dentist contact information from over 2,000 multisite groups. GDN and DSO Data Connect will also be launching some innovative products and solutions for the market in early 2022. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with DSO Data Connect and bring their data to you and much more.

❗ We look forward to continuing to serve this wonderful community. As first movers, we are dedicated to bringing you the content and resources you need to make you and your team the best you can be. We will continue to bring you the best content in the industry such as our Emerging Groups to Watch list and awards, our featured DSO Influencers, DSO Deals, DSO People and new dental group events and educational opportunities.

❗ Take a look back at what ranked the most popular content in 2021 – Group Dentistry Now’s Top 10 DSO & Dental Group Practice Stories of 2021 – HERE.

❗ If podcasts are your thing, then please review the Top 10 DSO & Dental Group Practice Podcasts of 2021 – HERE.

For the past eight years, we have been committed to the success of the DSO and dental group industry and the people who work for it. Rest assured that we will continue to keep you up to date on the industry and share data and insight from industry leaders in upcoming articles, podcasts and webinars.

Cheers to 2022,

Bill Neumann
CEO, Group Dentistry Now

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