What is the Clinical Role of a DSO?

What are the advantages to joining a DSO? Learn more about modern DSOs which are doctor led, operationally supported. See how a DSO takes the administrative burden off dentists, freeing dentists to focus on what they love to do – treating patients. Hear from two of ADSO’s leaders, Dr. Charlie Zasso, CCO Affordable Care and Dr. John Barnes, Regional Partner, PDS.


Dr. Charlie Zasso: There are many advantages to joining a DSO. First and foremost, it’s choice. Where in the past there’s really only one choice, you know, opening up your own practice and now doctors have many choices. They can open their own practice but they can join a DSO. DSOs give a lot of support to the doctors. They give both business support and clinical support. So the business support functions allow a doctor to focus on what they love to do, which is treat patients, see patients. Allows them to really focus on that without being distracted by the business side.

Dr. John Barnes: The other thing that DSOs typically can provide for their supported dentist is a lot of training. Many DSOs have everything from a mentor type situation all the way to more formalized orientation plus CE.

Dr. Charlie Zasso: So the modern DSO is really doctor lead, but operationally supported. And that doctor lead piece really starts with peer reviews and doctor councils. So it’s the best and brightest doctors within the group getting together to help set the philosophy of the group. What we’re trying to do for patients.

Dr. John Barnes: To me, it’s really the only way to practice. It takes the administrative burden off of me as a dentist and lets me concentrate on what I really love to do. At the end of the day, I can see more patients and make more people healthier and happier.