Who is the ADSO and What Do We Offer You?

The Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) is the gold standard and our goal is to make members successful, compliant, and better. It’s an organization where industry leaders are willing to share best practices, leadership strategies, and culture building advice, with the unselfish goal of making members better. Watch the video to learn more from two of ADSO’s leaders, Michael Bileca and Mitch Olan.


Michael Bileca: It was an atmosphere of complete trust, complete transparency with a goal of trying to make each other better. I think early on everyone felt that our challenge, our greatest opportunity was to help create a positive image for dental group practice and the more positive we created that image, the more growth our individual companies would have.

Mitch Olan: I strongly believe that ADSO sets the gold standard for group practice. We want everybody to be successful. We want everybody to be compliant. We want everybody to enjoy being part of the larger and bigger picture and what to give back to the next generation.

Michael Bileca: So, I don’t think there’s really any other place where you have the actual leaders in the industry willing to present, willing to share best practices, whether it’s on marketing or leadership or building culture and it’s from pure unselfish motives.

Mitch Olan: Those of us that have been involved for a while, we come back to these meetings and we want to help the next generation of leaders to understand and approach the organization the way we have and it’s going to boil down to if the next generation is open to working with each other the way we’ve been open to working with each other. From what we see, the future is in very good hands.