What’s Next for the Business of Group Dentistry? Are You Strategically Prepared for the Future?

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The changing market dynamics will influence your business for years to come…. and you need to be ready. Competition in the DSO space is growing more and more each year. It is critical to your success that you know and understand the market and the economic and competitive pressures that will face your team and impact your business.

Bill Becknell, incoming CEO of Mortenson Dental Partners, has been studying these factors and is building a plan for Mortenson Dental Partners to be a legacy company and the next generation of private practice.

Becknell, and a panel of experts, will be presenting a wealth of information and acquired knowledge on these subjects. They will share what they see are the future headwinds for DSOs and how to navigate them at Mortenson Dental Partners’ Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium, November 14-16, 2018 at the Omni – Louisville, KYRegister today!

For the last three years, Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium has been bringing together leaders from across the dental industry to share best practices in DSO growth.  Last year’s highly successful Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium had over 300 attendees with 96 DSOs representing 1,300 dental practices, 12 million patient experiences, $2 billion in services provided to patients across 33 states.

Scaling Up Group Dental Symposium is an exciting way to study the best practices of group dentistry with experts in the field. Learn how to grow your group of dental practices from successful firsthand experiences. Experts in the field of risk and security, strategic development, doctor compensation and maximizing performance through detailed reporting will be presenting throughout the program. Learn how to execute efficient and intentional management practices to keep your group of dental practices growing and your doctors practicing dentistry. Don’t miss your opportunity to seal your group dentistry success.

Meet the panel:

Mike Dost  – With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and 35 years of business, economic and public policy experience, Mike Dost has witnessed a lot of change in healthcare. Now, as CFO of Dental Services Group, Mike will weigh in on the future of group dentistry and share lessons he has learned along the way to help guide your strategic planning.

Karan Garg  – The timing is right for a big burst of growth in the DSO space through acquisitions. Between baby boomer dentists looking to leave the market and new dentists saddled with debt, there is a lot of opportunity to grow quickly through acquisition. Acquisitions can be messy though. There are a lot of tactical logistics for a merger and acquisition, not to mention the emotional impact on team members and patients. Karan Garg has made a career of helping businesses, and now namely DSOs, manage this process start to finish. You won’t want to miss what Karan has to say about best practices in mergers and acquisitions.

Cecile Schauer – Through her birds eye view of the dental market as President of Strategic Accounts for Patterson Dental, Cecile has incredible insights of the challenges practices face as they work toward efficiencies in growth. By working with clients and getting a front row seat to what has worked and what hasn’t Cecile and her team actively work to make the growth process better and faster for their clients. You will want to be taking notes while Cecile covers some of the best successes and biggest misses she has seen unfold.

The full agenda can be found here. Seats are limited!


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