How DSOs Increase Case Acceptance with AI

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It can be incredibly frustrating for dentists: they diagnose what their patients need, but many people don’t move forward with treatment.

How bad is the problem? An analysis by Jarvis Analytics found that only 34% of presented treatment was completed.

Now more DSOs are turning to artificial intelligence solutions to educate their patients, help them visualize their conditions, and increase case acceptance.

One group even doubled its case acceptance rate.

AI-Powered Annotated X-Rays

Most patients don’t know how to read dental x-rays, so they can’t see what the dentist sees. That can cause patients to distrust the diagnosis and proposed treatment.

Annotated x-rays powered by artificial intelligence can restore trust by clearly detailing what’s happening in the patients’ mouths.

Dentists are choosing FDA-cleared technology like Overjet to add a layer of data to traditional x-rays. The AI technology clearly detects and outlines cavities, quantifies bone level measurements, and highlights previous procedures including crowns, fillings, root canals, bridges, and implants.

Patients can now tell what they’re looking at.

“The quantification that Overjet adds makes it easier for patients to understand the condition of their oral health,” said Dr. Ankoo Raina, Chief Dental Officer at Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics, a DSO with more than 70 locations. “Not just that they have bone loss, but how much bone loss there is, and showing the patients the numbers is a game-changer. Then they see the decay outlined in color and how deep it goes. It takes the doubt away. We all know that seeing is believing.”

Since Jefferson Dental implemented tools like Overjet and 3D scanners, its case acceptance has doubled.

AI Increases Agreement Among Providers

Dental AI tools do more than just increase patient case acceptance. They also help align providers.

Objective, quantified data makes it easy to set clear standards of care among doctors and hygienists. That limits disagreements between providers, and reduces the possibility that a patient may receive conflicting information. When there’s consistency in diagnosis, patients are more likely to accept treatment.

Having providers aligned helps another way, too. It can reduce friction between doctors or between doctors and hygienists. That in turn can lead to less turnover.

And in today’s tight labor market, that can make a huge difference in a practice’s success.

Improving Lives with Dental AI

From aligning providers to increasing case acceptance among patients, AI-powered technology is one more tool that can give DSOs an advantage over their competitors.

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