Revolutionizing Dental Restorations with Innovative Composite Materials

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The prevalence of composite materials in dental practices, including their everyday use for restorations like fillings, bonding, and cosmetic enhancements, is well established. These materials are favored for their esthetic qualities, durability, and ability to closely replicate the appearance of natural teeth, making them suitable for both anterior and posterior restorations. According to an ADA published estimate, well over 76 million posterior composite restorations alone are placed every year in U.S. dental practices.1

Universal composites simplify inventory management and shade selection, which can significantly improve DSOs’ profitability. With the abundance of composite materials available, dental professionals often need help with excess inventory, wastage, and overspending. By reducing the number of shades required to match their patient cases, universal composites save time, space, and financial resources, encouraging dental professionals to enhance their workflows and achieve reduced inventory, time, and cost savings.

The Modern Art of Composite

Introducing Ecosite Elements, a groundbreaking dental composite that revolutionizes the world of dental composite materials with its innovative features and exceptional results. This composite is designed with an intuitive shade system and offers everything you need to achieve impressive dental restorations. The secret lies in the intelligent shade combination, requiring a maximum of three modules, making it ideal for attaining naturally esthetic results through any working technique.

Dr. Scott Chanin, one of the material system’s original evaluators, states, “There’s a wide range of flexibility with this Ecosite Elements that allows you to obtain an ideal result easily—everything you need in one system.”

Features & Benefits

  • A compact selection of shades that covers the full VITA range
  • Quick and easy shade matching
  • Maximum combination of shades using a compact, modular shade system
  • Universal use; full range of anterior and posterior indications
  • Ideal handling with Push & Flow effect: Initially firm, becomes softer during sculpting for optimal adaptation to cavity walls; eliminates bubbles and cracks
  • Patented NC1 material technology for homogeneous distribution of particles
  • High polishability

Unparalleled Versatility: 

Specifically designed for universal use in the anterior and posterior regions, the new composite system includes a full range of indications and maximum shade combinations, using a compact range of shades. Ecosite Elements excels in all situations, employing a monochromatic or layer technique. It boasts rapid, high gloss polishing and a stunning chameleon effect, ensuring consistently outstanding results.

 Effortless Customization:

The intelligent shade system is divided into just three modules, making it simpler than ever to combine shades and opacities to create superb results. The thin viscosity of Highlight shades are designed to replicate each tooth’s character, resulting in natural-looking restorations.

“Even in anterior cases, the restoration looks incredibly real,” Dr. Alan Pressman said. “The base VITA shade matches the opacity or translucency of the tooth next to it, and then you can cover that with the next shade module. If you are trying to match a veneer on tooth No. 8 with tooth No. 9 and there is some imperfection on the enamel, you can’t tell the difference.”

Exceptional Handling with NC1 Technology:

Ecosite Elements incorporates innovative, patented NC1 technology (non-clustering) from DMG, to further help meet the high demands of day-to-day dental work. Thanks to the precise silanization of ultrafine filler elements, the NC1 technology ensures a remarkably homogenous distribution, delivering optimum working characteristics, maximum polish, and sparkling results.

Adaptive Push-and-Flow Effect:

Ecosite Elements adapts to the specific requirements of each situation through the Push-and-Flow effect. The material starts with firm consistency, quickly becoming noticeably softer during modeling for Precise sculpting of occlusal surfaces with minimizing milling efforts. This flexibility allows for secure adaptation to cavity walls and accurate contact point design of anatomical details.  

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1 American Dental Association (2007) 2005-06 Survey of Dental Services Rendered. American Dental Association, Survey Center. Chicago, IL

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